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Play cards.
Learn how to code.

Code Cards is a card game that teaches you how to code whilst allowing you to go outside, have fun with friends or just take a break!

The final limited run of our original Code Cards was all sold out on March 2016. Thanks to everyone who supported us! You can now print & distribute them for free under a creative commons license.

Print them yourself for free!

Learning to code made boring fun and social :)

There are tons of sites, books, and schools out there are really great for learning any programming language. Problem is most involve  you staring at a computer alone for hours on end with only Stack Overflow to keep you company. Whilst this may be the most obvious way to learn programming, it's certainly not social, fun, or healthy. Code Cards is a physical card game that makes things fun and enjoyable around company, playable with as many people as you'd like.

4 decks. 212 beautiful cards.
Only $30 until it lasts.

Every Code Cards Pack includes 4 decks of 53 unique cards, instructions and its custom Code Cards tuck box. All cards are made from top 300gsm smooth card stock from France and contain a blue core centre for minimum transparency. Made by the same guys that manufacture UNO!

HTML 5 (53 cards)

We cover hyperlinks, divs, structure, iFrames, links, scripts, lists, video, tables, drop downs, navigation, input fields, images, inline styling, headlines, buttons, audio, comments, http errors and much more.

Ruby & Rails (53 cards)

We cover flow control, looping, iterations, Object-oriented programming and meta-programming.

CSS (53 cards)

We cover background images, borders, shadows, positioning, visibility, z-index, sizing, spacing, text-alignment, fonts, weights, styles, colors, opacity, transitions, selectors, box models, transformations, animations  and much more.

Javascript (53 cards)

We cover triggers, event handling, Object-oriented programming, logic and tons of semi-colons!

Things you may ask frequently.

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About Code Cards.

Code Cards was made in the summer of 2014 by Carlos Lagrange, Tomas Salas and Mario Gintili.